Discover NEXA

Welcome to a New, Exclusive Automotive Experience. Everything at Nexa will ensure that you have a relationship for a lifetime, hospitality that pampers you and technology that is innovative. These new experiences are premium, elegant, dynamic and customised around the most discerning customer in the world: You.
Experience New.

Design Experience

The monochrome design palette puts the only spot of colour on the vehicle, displaying it in all its glory. Here, your needs are at the centre.

New Digital Experience

State-of-the-art tablets, car configurator, mirroring screens and the owner’s app make your experience seamless and personalised. Your experience at NEXA is how you like it.

New Lifetime Experience

Our Relationship Managers understand your needs and passion for cars. The MyNEXA membership rewards cater to your lifestyle. It’s an experience designed to build a life-long relationship with you.

New Hospitality Experience

Hospitality for us is not just about having a valet or a lounge. It’s about listening to you, understanding and respecting your needs. You get our utmost attention at NEXA.