Ciaz Face-lifted

Ciaz is one of the most successful premium sedans from Suzuki family, sold 2.20 lakhs of cars and still counting. It’s an elegant answer to those who turned their back on the luxury side of Maruti Suzuki, though this is one of the most trusted household names in India. After 3 years since it was…

Dealers Need To Keep Reinventing To Stay Relevant – John K Paul

Dealers Need To Keep Reinventing To Stay Relevant – John K Paul

NEW DELHI: The automotive industry globally is on the cusp of change and stakeholders must reinvent themselves constantly and respond to changing dynamics in the market to stay relevant, said John K Paul, promoter and managing director, Popular Vehicles & Services. Elaborating on the transformation of Popular Vehicles & Services from a spare parts seller…

Popular Nexa Sets the Benchmark

About an year since the launch, Popular Nexa has created history of sorts, bagging 22 Awards across categories in the first ever Nexa Dealer Conference for the FY 2016-17 held at Mahabalipuram. This leaves the others way behind in the race, thereby setting quite a tough benchmark for all in the industry. Popular Nexa operates…

Book Nexa Cars Online Now!

Book Nexa Cars Online Now!

Popular Nexa now brings to you the convenience to book our Nexa cars online so that you, our customer can enjoy all the delights of owning a car at your convenience and comfort. You may have many reasons because of which you may find it difficult to visit our many showrooms: You may be working…

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