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new ciaz

Ciaz is one of the most successful premium sedans from Suzuki family, sold 2.20 lakhs of cars and still counting.

It’s an elegant answer to those who turned their back on the luxury side of Maruti Suzuki, though this is one of the most trusted household names in India. After 3 years since it was born, Ciaz arrives with new beautifications and performance; Ciaz Hybrid 1.5 petrol.

ciaz features


Big & Beautiful: It is the most beautiful BIG car among Suzuki cars. We can see and feel it at any angle. Spacious inside cabin, also 510 litres boot offers great space. It’s a big competition to rivals and an elegant family car, indeed.

Changes: New grill, MID (Multi Information Display), LED lamps, tail lamps & modified bumpers are cool. 16 inch alloy with many spokes are attractive. Projector headlamps and new grills which are quite different from usual Suzuki design gives luxury look to Ciaz.

Finish: Amazingly incorporated with teak inserts in dash board contemporary styled stereo and seats are amazing. Leather seats are cozy and classic. 7″ touch screen with navigation infotainment system delivers the best. Steering wheel is first class, premium consoles, buttons are surrounded with chromium cover! Lithium battery that powers hybrid is hidden under co-driver seat tactfully.

Hybrid: Advanced technology! Hybrid cars use electric power along with engine power. It works with a small engine and powerful motors often. Motor works from the power from battery. Engine provides power to charge these batteries. Also converts the energy produced while applying breaks also. An excellent hybrid runs on motors most of the times.

Why hybrid? Maruti enters hybrid segment since the fuel prices shoot up and its availability is getting narrowed also considering the fact that the fossil fuels are not eco-friendly. Serious research is going on advancement of hybrid engines which will result in fall in the numbers of motor vehicles using fossil fuel in another 5years.

ciaz hybrid

Ciaz hybrid: Ciaz is not a complete hybrid car, it is called light hybrid instead. Its main part is a start/stop feature. Engine cuts off while the car is idle which helps to save fuel consumption. It restarts while applying clutch. Next feature is that it converts braking forces into electric forces with the help of additional battery kept under co-driver’s seat. This feature starts working while the car travels more than 30kms per hour. Another feature is Engine Power Assist which provides extra power to engine.

More mileage in petrol version also!!

Yea, new Ciaz 1.5 litre 105 bhp hybrid engines offers 22 km/litre. Notable power even in comparatively low rpm is consistent. Smooth gear shifts, easy steering maneuverability, superior braking and handling are a step ahead in its class. Manual and automatic versions are also available.

Finally the most attractive factor! Price remains the same! All these premium features makes new Ciaz an irresistible luxury family premium sedan which had won millions of hearts nationwide.


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